Lilly Day!

Way way back in May (haha..), before the start of my first rotation (99 days to go!), my friend Lesley and I thought it would be fun to mix it up and keep school interesting by wearing Lilly Pulitzer every Wednesday. Because we wear pink on Wednesday anyways. During our last week, National Wear Your Lilly Day fell on a Wednesday! It was Lilly-fate-and-harmony!!

We have parted our ways and I still uphold that tradition–if not just because I am bored and it helps me remember the days of the week. Yes, at a certain point of stress, you have no idea what day of the week it is!

Thanks to the New Years Cheer sale, I got to stock up on some winter-friendly Lilly pieces. This week’s Lilly Day outfit was subtle but bright. The unusually warm weather made it easy to go bright. The Lilly pieces themselves are incredibly bright for winter, so neutrals for accessories were key!


What’s the best about my Lilly Days now? A Lilly Pulitzer Signature store FINALLY opened up in this area. When I tell blogger-friends about this gloriousness, their initial response is normally along the lines of, “why wasn’t there one in DC already?” I have no idea, I am just absolutely THRILLED that a store has opened at Tysons.

Like a creep, I went in on grand opening day and snatched up my Virginia Murfee Scarf (maybe this was enough impetus for them to open a store here in Virginia). I instantly fell in love with the store! It is so beautifully decorated in the show room, and the dressing rooms are FUN. I cannot even being to explain the gloriousness of the dressing room! For peeks of the decor, sneak on over to their Facebook page!



They even make checking out and paying look pretty!  So the store has soft-launched, but the real party is on February 9th… and you bet I will be one of the first people showing up to see the new Spring collection (just came out in the past week I think!) and play dress up!



100. 100 days until Graduation.  It is almost unreal that tomorrow, I will only be in double digits until my doctorate.  I feel like this journey has taken so long and I cannot believe that I will finally be done with school.  For real done, not this undergrad-last-day-of-school stuff (it was a lie 4 years ago).

This deserves a small-scale celebration.


Take out sushi dinner

To-go cup of delicious frozen yogurt

Large glass of wine

At-home manicure with the perfect oxblood color (OPI’s Skyfall)

A new pack of colorful pens

FINALLY reading for leisure, just because

The real celebration begins in 100 days!

Chilly Willy

I used to really care about matching my winter coat to my outfit.  I had this horrendous fear of wearing a casual winter coat when I dressed up for class.  Through Virginia’s odd reckoning of freezing temperatures, I have given up on this mission.  I now value comfort (and sanity) over fashion.

Here are a few of my favorites this winter:


1) Everyone owns a North Face Denali jacket.  For some reason, at least one person in my family gives them to everyone for Christmas each year, so I have accumulated many (not that they fit or anything…)

2) A rain coat for the days after big snow, where it is oddly warm, yet very very wet

3) For an equally rainy, but incredibly windy day, the Vineyard Vines Noreaster jacket is great.

4) For when it is wet, windy, AND freezing, a tri-climate layered jacket like this one from the North Face is perfectly warm

5) On a balmy winter morning, but not anticipating chilly temperatures later in the day, I like a shorter pea coat, or “thick blazer” as I call them, to tie a riding-boot-worthy outfit together.

6) Finally, to channel your inner Sasha-and-Malia, the J. Crew pea coat is wonderful.  I don’t think I have ever paid full price for one, as I get about 3 or so coats every year at their warehouse sales (not all for myself though…)

Stay warm out there!

Ole Olay!

Feeling a little poor after the Holidays? I sure am.  I was also one of the many girls who asked for a Clarsonic and did not get one!  While watching TV late one night, I saw (and got fixated on) a commercial for the Olay Pro-X.  It definitely is not as big as the Clarsonic, nor does it have as many options, but it definitely gets the job done.

I love it. I love it I love it I love it.  I definitely see a significant difference in my skin, and could not be happier.  My aunt does have a Clarsonic, and although does do a more thorough job of cleansing, it feel like it was a bit too aggressive, as I started breaking out just a day later.  Apparently this is just what happens with all users.

The best part is that this is just so affordable! Depending on the store you go to (and which region it is in), the price can be anywhere from $25-$40.  I bought mine at regular price at work and used my store discount.  It also happens to be on sale this week at several different retailers (I did not plan that!).  Don’t forget your coupons!

Daily Dose 1/25

What a week it has been! This is the end of my second week of this rotation and almost to it’s midpoint! It has been incredibly challenging and I am learning a whole lot.  There are always little tidbits that make my week better:



Finally found a sushi place that is delicious and close to home! What a relief!



Junk food shopping or “preparing for the storm” we were supposed to get this weekend?



Found a little gem that offers all the Habrio candy you could ever ask for (and imagine)!



Life. Just. Got. Real.



A cute little piggy bank to help me with my new “savings project”

Have a great weekend!

Work to Play

Today and tomorrow, I am holding a get-together for some tweeps.  A lot of people are in town for March for Life, and as a DC native, I do love my happy hours.  From a 4am wake-up, to the hospital, to a bar is tough on a girl’s closet.  When I have no idea what I’m doing, I always stick to my roots: simple pieces and bold accessories.


Hope to see everyone out there tonight!

Early bird breakfast

Remember when I made my bedroom all comfortable for winter yesterday? Apparently I made it too comfortable because it was impossible hard to get out of bed today.

I was about an hour late getting up today so I had to skip my normal routine. Let me introduce you to my early bird breakfast: a can of Starbucks double shot and Quaker real medleys oatmeal. Skipping breakfast is not an option for me, so while its not pretty it sure does the job.





It is about 22 degrees outside as I write this.  For my neighbors to the north, this is near tropical temperatures.  For the south, it might as well be the north pole.  Regardless, it is literally FREEZING!

I consider my room to be a safe place, where the terrors of freezing temperatures can’t get me.  Every winter I go through the process of “winterizing” my bedroom.  It starts with changing to my flannel sheets and adding 3 layers of blanket.  The first layer is a down-alternative comforter, because the outside layer is the warmest, and closest to my body.  The next layer is a quilt for weight, and the final layer on the outside is a down comforter to keep all of the heat in.



Pulling it all together on my bed are my 5 pillows.  Yes, I sleep by myself, and I need five pillows, for symmetry’s sake.  The first one is a long body pillow that I leave against the wall so I don’t bang my head in the middle of the night.  Two of the pillows are down pillows, and the other two are memory foam pillows.  This makes it very comfortable, and equally as difficult to get out of bed in the morning.



I feel like my house is poorly insulated, and the large windows in my room do not help either.  Although I do love a good amount of sunlight, I add thick curtains to keep the heat in, and the cold out.

From Bed Bath & Beyond

I like to stick to white curtains just to keep my room bright since I am covering the windows.  The key to window treatments for the winter is to avoid the sheer panels.  That’s like putting on a jacket because it’s snowing, but grabbing a cardigan instead.

Last but not least, if your room is STILL too cold, adding a space heater won’t hurt.  I would definitely avoid open-coil space heaters because it is a serious fire hazard.

From Target

Keep warm!

Vacation at Work

Everyone is off tomorrow for Federal Holiday. Everyone except me.  I had a bit of trouble explaining to my parents that I have to work tomorrow; that people don’t stop being sick because it is a federal holiday.  My friends are off enjoying their time off because their offices are barricaded and turned into tourist traps.  I will be off doing my normal Monday.

To prevent myself from the workday blues, I found a few ways to make myself feel like I’m having a day off, while I am at work:


1) Treat yo’self to a coffee.  That’s right a FULL BODY (2% milk and normal syrup) Starbucks drink (or Caribou, if you will)

2) Start your day off with some jams on Pandora (the Britney Station is ALWAYS on point) or a few rounds of your favorite game

3) Toms–look casual? They are neutral color and closed toe.  I think your co-workers will understand today…

4) Paint your nails a fun color (or treat yourself to a manicure during lunch or after work)

5) Dress up a grown-up outfit with a fun scarf, like the ever popular Murfees from Lilly Pulitzer

6) Pack your favorite snack or sweet treat to munch on throughout the day

Your favorite things surrounding you might just make this day a little more bearable if you have to be at work!

Twitter Successor

The time has come for me to say farewell to the Twitter world that actually inspired my blogging. It has been amazing to see an account my friend and I had thought of a bit ago grow so largely. Unfortunately, I feel like I have outgrown (getting too old) Twitter drama and need to pass the reins over to someone else who is worthy of explaining why life is just so dysfunctional after growing up Catholic.

Here are the rules:

1) MUST be 18 years or older (there are MANY creeps out there)

2) Submit an email to Catholicgrlprob @ gmail .com with your name, twitter handle, and a brief personal statement about why you should be the next Catholic Girl Problems.

3) I will follow your account and make my decision in May (upon graduation). This will not be announced, but I will contact you personally.

4) I have the right to pop up on the account and tweet as I so please thereafter

I hope all of you will continue to read this blog and follow my life, as well as follow my personal (to be announced when I turn over the account)! If you haven’t already, please “like” my page on facebook!

And may the odds be ever in your favor. Amen.