Winter Wedding

This Saturday will be the last of my year-of-weddings.  Since Christmas crept up on me, this wedding definitely crept up on me.  I was telling BFF this morning about how I keep forgetting that the wedding is this weekend.

I am used to go to weddings in the summer, but I guess people do get married at other times of the year.  These two are good friends from high school, who are now law students at UVA (ew I know, right? Go Hokies).  Their date makes sense, as they are between semesters and a lot of their high school friends are in town (preview of our high school reunion? Maybe).

This will also be the first Catholic wedding I will be going to in a long, long time (shocker, I know).  I thought a long-sleeved dress would be both venue and weather appropriate.  The sleeves also help the massive arms I’ve developed from Crossfitting, then abrupt non-crossfitting.

winter wedding

I wanted to dress up the dress and still look elegant, yet different.  I figured a pair of black pumps (horror story to follow…) would be too simple, so these tortoise shell pumps from Sam Edelman should do the trick.  They would also go well with my favorite gold jewelry and my Speedy bag!

I’m actually very excited to see these two get hitched.  I like to tell myself that I, and my Sweet Sixteen Party, was instrumental in the formation of their relationship. Not that true, but I’ll keep believing it.  Congratulations, Alexa and Joe!

UPDATE: I went to Tyson’s today to buy the Sam Edelman heels (and to take advantage of my Gift Card from Cusp) but lo and behold, they were out of my size! I will probably be wearing some similar toned shoes, like my maroon heels, for the ceremony, and then a sparkly pair of Badgely Mischka for the reception. Still very sad.  That pair is fabulous and I will probably try to order it online.


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