Merry Christmas!

I hope you and your family all had a fantastic Christmas.  I guess a side effect of being old is that the Holidays really do sneak up on you.  There were no final exams to study for, no traveling home for Winter Break, and no personal time.  I did have to work the occasional holiday hour shift (yay 24 hour pharmacy…) so my timing and my schedule was totally off.

We will get back to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow, but like you, I wanted to savor the holidays with my family.  I broke the news to my parents about my job offer–and the very real possibility that I will have to work major holidays, including Christmas, in the future.

The new joys of Christmas, as presents are no longer a thing when you’re considered old, is playing with my little cousins and seeing the joy on their face during Christmas season.  For the remainder of break, I have a couple medical articles I have to read to prepare for my next rotation, and also studying for boards–how scary!

Remember–Christmas is not over yet!


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