Oh Christmas Tree



This year for our tree, I wanted to be a little bit more ambitious and mature about our theme.  Since I could remember, our tree had always been a modge podge of old ornaments from childhood.  We wanted a more cohesive look–this is a house of learned doctors, after all. I took on the huge undertaking of making a cookie-themed tree.  Of course you can’t use real cookies as they would mold and attract all sorts of life forms (babies included). All I did is search for a salt dough recipe on pinterest–I would link, but I actually used a different recipe for each batch to test them all out.  I did use a color combination from one of them, Lorjean’s to make it more cookie-like.

20121221-083233.jpgIt’s pretty tough to work through–you have to knead it for a good 20 minutes before it starts taking a good cookie-like consistency.  Be warned that the salt makes it very grainy, and it will not be quite as smooth as real cookie dough.


20121221-083243.jpgRoll it out to be about 1/4″ thick.  I used a pair of chopsticks, one inverted, on both sides to be a guide.  Unlike normal cookies, its best to make these thick, as they will become fragile and break after baking.


20121221-083259.jpgUsing my Christmas cookie cutters, I cut out shapes as I would normal cookies.  Using a straw, I made a hole in the top of the ornament so a string or hook may go through.  Baking will need time, as it is at low heat, 200-250, for anywhere from 2-4 hours.  It really isn’t so much baking, as it is drying out the moisture from the cookie.



20121221-083312.jpgI then used puffy fabric paint as the “icing” to decorate each cookie.  It’s fun to decorate these as there is much more permanence, and hence a reason to make these extra pretty.


20121221-083333.jpgAfter baking and decorating, these little guys are ready to go!  I did eventually switch out the yarn for metal hooks normally used for ornaments.



20121221-083352.jpgUsing some gold and white decorations, we filled up the tree and it looked rather gilded.  The cookie ornaments really softened up an otherwise imposing tree and added some playfulness.


20121221-083402.jpgOne little guy looks awfully worried to be on our tree!  Do you usually have themes or home made ornaments on your tree?


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