Daily Dose 12/21


It’s December 21, 20012 and we’re all still here….awkward! I apologize for this week’s sporadic posts and missing and doubles (like today).  I had a very hard time grasping the tragedy that unfolded last week, as well as still battling my illness from Vegas (don’t worry, I got it looked at).  Here are a few favorites from this past week.


Chocolate Twister? I can’t even…This is awesome.


My absolute favorite holiday ring!


Costco by the district is always a fun treat. Also, why America is fat. Love it though!


Found a new brunch spot…and this is just sitting out on the table for your bread! Yum!


Keeping the Mary in Merry Christmas? I’m down with it.

Have a great weekend! And if the world does, in fact, end today, Love you!


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