DIY Lip Gloss


So it is the mad dash until Christmas and finding unique–yet inexpensive gifts for friends is becoming harder and harder. It almost comes to the point where there is no present that can be something they don’t have, yet not something that everyone gets everyone else.

This week will focus on some unique gifts, party, and other crafts for Christmas! First up is a home-made gloss made with stuff you already have around you house! Can you believe my 14 year old cousin came up with this? That girl…



Main ingredients are pictured above: vaseline, an old lip shade you might be loving, and an old chapstick for SPF and protection (I get plenty from conventions)



Find a metal ladle and scoop in a generous amount of vaseline (2 tablespoons), 0.5-1 cm of lipstick and an equal amount of chapstick.  The more moisturizing you want, add more vaseline and the more pigmented you want, add more lipstick, but you will compromise the other quality.



Hold the ladle over the candle–make sure not to actually touch the flame or this will end up as a burnt mess.



Melt until it is entirely liquid with no chunks of any kind



Poor into a pretty tin that will be used to hold the lip gloss.  We used a wedding favor tin, but you can think of other cool things–perhaps a mini altoid container.  We have tried an empty chapstick tube before but it became very messy.



Let it cool, and it will be ready to be gifted! Make sure you clean your ladle right away as the lip gloss actually hardens very quickly.

20121217-081518.jpgDepending on your balance of the ingredients, it can come out very sheer or very pigmented.  I prefer sheer glosses, but perhaps next time I’ll try a more pigmented combination.




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