Nutella Pop-Tarts


I have this amazing relationship with the Trader Joe’s by my house (it takes longer to drive there than to walk).  When I’m bored, I just know to throw on my North Face and take a stroll to TJ’s.  Recently, I’ve come across their puff pastry.  Aside from the Mini pumpkin pie concoction I had for Halloween, I also decided to whip up some poptarts, inspired by my treat at North Side Social.


Two easy ingredients for a yummy treat


After cutting the puff pastry into your desired shape, I placed a dollup, about a tablespoon, into the piece.  You don’t want to put too much because it will ooze out of the sides when you try to seal the edges.


Using a fork, I sealed the edges of my poptart.  I tried to get creative by using a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a little window for my nutella to spread. 

Even more creative (read: bored), I tried just pressing the edges together instead of using a fork–it worked out fine!  I did bake the cut out pieces–why waste that buttery goodness?


I used the directions on the box for puff pastry, which was about 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  I was so paranoid and kept watching it bake.  The non-fork seal held up well!


After letting it cool a bit, I enjoyed these delectable home-made pop tarts.  It was a bit buttery and rich, so I may try it with pre-made pie crust, as that may be more consistent with the true pop tart texture.




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