Gift Guide: Best Friends

Shopping for my best friends is the most fun and the easiest part about holiday shopping.  My besties are basically just like me, however they have real jobs, so they are not allowed the opportunity to browse the internet (like I do) and find the new big thing.

These are my picks for my best friends (and essentially myself):


 Never Have I Ever By Nicotext: I got this at Urban Outfitters, for $1.99 (Regular $9.95) on clearance! If you are anything like my friends and me, the Never have I ever game gets pretty boring when you run out of things that you haven’t done!

Sephora Collection is available in different sets such as eyes, lips, mascara, and liner for only $25-$45 I actually just bought this for myself in just the liner collection because I am obsessed with liner.  If you have that one friend who is OBSESSED with just one type of beauty product, this is the gift for her!

You can see my C. Wonder obsession here, and my favorites from their store right now is the C. Wonder zippered tote bag ($78) and C. Wonder enamel jewelry initial bangle ($48).  They are classic styles, but with just enough pop of color.

If your friends are obsessed with making the perfect “stack” a dainty monogram bracelet is a great choice.  This  Sterling silver bracelet from MyNameNecklace ($38) is a less-harsh version of the cut-out bangle.  Wouldn’t this go great with a MK watch and a pearl bracelet?  I’m sure you can find other versions of this gorgeous little piece all over the internet and on Etsy to suit your size and color choice.

For another pop of color, the Kate Spade Ta Da jewelry ($48) and Kate Spade stud earrings ($38) add a little quirkiness to any classy outfit

Nail polish is an OBSESSION among our little group of friends.  There is always sharing, swapping, lusting, licking, what have you with our nail polish and nail polish colors.  These Essie nail polish set ($55) is a great way to mix it up among friends during the holidays.  When I was still in my didactic classes in school, painting my nails was a stress reliever and a way for me to sit still and read (can’t move around and eat if I need my nails to dry!)

If a regular old Otterbox is a little too boring for you, Nordstrom carries these Tech candy cases.  Each pack comes with a white design (I do like this quatrefoil one) and 2 colored silicone cases that you can switch out.  ($32)

Another stress reliever or study break during classes was reading the Tumblr blog, Suri’s Burn Book.  Now with little Miss Cruise parody publishing her book Suri’s Burn Book By Allie Hagan, it’s a great book and conversation piece. ($13)

Pharmacy is probably one of the most made fun of professions (in the good way).  Everyone wants their drugs. Everyone wants something that looks like drugs. People think it’s hilarious. For my pharm girl besties, the Prescription Drink Koozie ($10) from Urban Outfitters will probably be the most talked about and envied party props at our next get together.

Always on the go, my friends are always looking for a little pouch to throw in all their essentials.  This J.Crew leather pouch ($50) adds a really luxurious feel to a crazy on-the-go life.

Shopping for friends is the only way I can justify buying everything that I want to impulsively grab up!


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