Gift Guide: Mom and Dad

My parents are usually pretty difficult to shop for–my mother more so than my father.  My mom is super fancy, loves brand name things, and will literally tell me if my present sucks.  My dad, on the other hand, is very easy going and will not only love, but also use, whatever I give him.  He normally doesn’t shop for himself, so this is a very easy thing to do.



1) Tory Burch cardigan for my brand-nosy mother.  She LOVES cozy sweaters.  This bright color will add some character to her winter wardrobe, as she brags to her friends about her amazing daughters giving her a Tory Burch Cardi ($225)

2)  Coach glove for her dainty hands while driving.  I don’t quite understand my mother’s affinity for leather gloves, but whatever she is obsessed with, makes an easy shopping list.  Coach leather gloves have always been a favorite for her ($228)

3) Apple iPad –because my mom treats the screen of her laptop like an iPad anyways. (Starting at $500)

4) Burberry silk shawl would mostly be another bragging piece for mom.  The full on wool scarf is too *warm* for her, and unfortunately I am too poor to get her the cashmere scarf. ($350).

Christmas for mom generally breaks my bank


1) Plaid hat from REI is a perennial favorite of my dad–he does have a knack for losing it, so getting a new one for him every year is easy! ($30)

2) Men’s Accessories ETIP GLOVE for your tech loving dad is great! In case mom calls from inside the house while he’s shoveling and he needs to answer his phone. Or not. ($45)

3) Nap Luxe Travel Blanket from Brookstone is by far the coziest, snuggliest blanket out there.  Giving dad his own personal blanket (that I may occasionally steal) gives himself his man-room in place of a man-cave ($40)

4) Garmin for my dad who is ALWAYS lost.  I may be the only person in my family who has any sense of direction at all.  Trial and error is not a characteristic in my family–it’s more like “drive straight until we see something familiar even though we know it is the opposite direction of where we need to go”. Starting at $110, it’s worth it to give dad some…direction.

Parents are a bit pricy…but how many times did they give you a present from them…AND Santa? Oh, oops…


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