Gift Guide: Boyfriend and His Mom

I have a great relationship with my boyfriend’s mom.  Buy gifts for the two of them is very fun for me.  I can read them pretty well, however Kev hates being surprised.  His gift ideas are actually thinks that he has on his “list”.  This 30-some year old man makes a LIST every year and distributes it to me and his family.  LE SIGH.  Apparently, my friends describe him as “just as high maintenance as me” so he likes the higher end skin care items (should I be worried?) and fancy schmancy winter items.

His mom, on the other hand, is very easy going and loves receiving thoughtful gifts.  She and I bond on several things, so it’s pretty easy to shop for her.  She is into cozy homey things, since she has had several health causes to keep her home.



1) The NorthFace Resolve Jacket ($90-$110) for blistery windy winter conditions.  Most likely that your guy will be the one shoveling snow at his house (and maybe yours).  Give him something warm and fancy to do it in.

2) Cartier Pasha Cologne ($75) or as BF calls it, the “panty dropper”.  I don’t know where he gets this from, nor do I encourage it.  However, he’s right. It smells amazing.

3) Sperry Topsider 3-Eye Billfish ($100) BF has finally caught the prep bug (thank goodness!) and is now very particular about the type of Sperry’s I get for him.  He wants this one specifically.  In the darker color.  No substitutes allowed.  He’s so crazy.

4) Jack Black skin care line ($7.50-$56) When BF discovered the Jack Black line, he hereby declared that it would be the ONLY skin care line he will ever use.  So high maintenance.  He goes so far as to state that he only uses a specific type of daily facial cleanser. I have created a monster.

5) Favorite sport’s team apparel.  I am not providing a link for this, as it can literally be found anywhere–Target, Walmart, department stores, university bookstores, or official team sites.  Team apparel is sure to be a hit with your guy–as long as it’s been a strong season.

His Mom

1) Latest New Book.  All three of us are huge Harry Potter fans, so the arrival of J.K. Rowling’s new book is a hit amongst all of us! ($17.50 on Amazon)

2) Tervis Tumbler –don’t forget your lids! Bed Bath and Beyond has an amazing selection both in-store and online.  When you go in store, there is more local things available, such as our tiny minor league team ($3.99-$24.99)

3) Vera Bradley has a great selection of mom-friendly gifts.  I normally would like to stick to a wallet, and maybe not go so far as getting her a big purse.  I also really would not be offended if she re-gifted this.

4) Cozy slippers (similar from Target) would definitely keep her warm–she’s like me and always cold!  Target products are usually good for one season, which gives you an excuse to find a better pair next year, and won’t even break the bank. ($12)

5) Pandora Charm. This woman is OBSESSED with Pandora charms.  She has like 4 bracelets.  Instead of thinking that she has too many, I decided I wanted to add to her collection.  This is the first Christmas that I’m spending as part of their family, so I prefer to get a christmas themed charm.  This Gingerbread man is $35 at Nordstrom

6) Yankee Candle set is made especially for Christmas, with its yummy Christmas smells and a lovely knit stocking basket.  Among other options and price ranges, this Christmas Cookie set is smellicious! ($30)

Hope this is a help on how to choose for the BF and his mother.  If you’re at the point where his mom and you are exchanging gifts, I’d say things are going pretty well, girlfriend!


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