Gifts Guide: Siblings and/or Cousins

I have one rule for gift giving for your siblings and cousins (if you are really close) : buy something that you would want to use yourself.  Why? My sister and I are all about sharing, so if I think that there is something we both would enjoy, I’ll get it for her for Christmas or for her birthday.  It’s like giving a present  to myself! In addition, if she gets sick of her gift, I will be the first person to scoop it up and take it off her hands. The same may work for a brother, so long as it is unisex.

The following guide is based off something I know my sister or cousins would like (note: she has a weird and quirky personality much like mine, hence “Boo the Dog”)

sibling gift

$50 or less

1) I don’t know why, but my sister has this weird obsession with Boo the Dog, the world’s cutest dog.  This pomeranian with an adorable haircut has his own doll.  Since I do not trust m sister to own a dog, I guess this stuffie is a good alternative ($24)

2 )She actually asked me for the Hunger Games. She hates buying movies but for some reason she really liked it–she’s a 28 year-old dentist.  However, I think she is more obsessed with the “Beanie Baby Hunger Games” ($9.99 on Amazon)

3) Decking out your Macbook is pretty cool, especially with this Snow white Apple macbook pro decal.  It’s decorative and still allows someone to buy a durable case. How clever! ($4.99 on Etsy)

4) My sister is now in this weird phase where she loves to accessorize with small delicate pieces, such as this J.Crew gold jewelry heart ring.  Add it to her collection. ($50 at J. Crew)

More than $50

1) To add to a Macbook accessorizing frenzy, I have LOVED this  Twelve South 12 Bookbook Hardback Leather Case since I saw it in the book, True Prep.  I love classic and old time-y feels to things, so this sleeve is great, perhaps even manly for your brothers and cousins. ($80)

2) As the saying goes, this J.Crew Bauble Necklace  is often imitated, never replicated.  My family is the sort who likes to stick to the original because it is “the best”.  With this bauble being one of the hottest necklaces around, both my sister and my cousin are vying for it. ($150)

3) I fell in love with Philosophy products last Christmas when I bought my sister a set of samples and a jumbo-sized Hope in a Jar.  Like I said in a previous post, Hope in a Jar is crack for your skin.  This set includes some of their best skin care regimen and will be sure to delight your sister or cousin or yourself ($68)

4) Dr. Sister is now a coffee snob because her fancy-schmancy office has a Nespresso.  Consequently she believes that the whole family should enjoy their luxurious coffee every morning (also saves us some serious cash).  It is very similar to the new Starbucks Verismo, and has been around for a couple years.  Some models have a fresh milk steamer that is removable so you can put it in the fridge.  Starbucks, however, requires you to buy a dry milk pod…weird.  The price is pretty hefty, so I would buy this as a gift for mom, dad, and sister.  ($300)

Happy Shopping!


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