Monogram of the Month: December

So I’m going to be starting a new weekend post called “monogram of the month” that will be featured on the first Saturday of each month!

I’m currently writing this from the American Airlines gate at Washington Dulles airport en route to Vegas for midyear clinical meeting for the American Health-systems pharmacist association. Total nerd convention.

My go-to travel piece/any comfort piece is my monogrammed pullover from Marley Lilly. It has the athletic feel if one of those Nike dry sport pullovers but oh so feminine and comfy.


It’s $50 on ML and I actually got it when there was % off promotion, although I don’t remember how much. Their customer service is spectacular and it really is a great company. I’m sure to feature more of their products in the future.

Meanwhile, at the airport…


I really do get compliments on it where ever I go. I wear it to travel, workout, or just when I want a light jacket for the morning when it’s less than warm outside


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