Daily dose 11/30

Vegas is so close, I can taste it! Oh, no, thats probably just my anticipation of being in meetings with a nasty hangover.  I am currently packing, and fortunately this past week did not creepy by as slowly as I had anticipated.  Today was taken off because my preceptor is already in Vegas (lucky!)

These are the bright spots in my week!


Most hospitals keep a record of their safety record. This chart has been blank the entire time I’ve been here, which leads me to assume that there has been a fall every day. Awkard.


I finally got the Beauty Blender, and it is AWESOME. I cannot get over it!!! I will do a review of it soon.


Spotted the new Lilly Pulitzer store. Finally!


Cool shopping skills at Tysons. The red light indicate no spot, and the green lights indicate an open spot. It would be cool if the Tysons garage wasn’t already a blood bath.  This kinda reminds me of the cornucopia in the Hunger Games.


Felt under the weather this week, so my mom brought me orange juice in my Tervis. The little things!




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