Vegas Mini Dress

With all this preparation for my trip to Vegas, I had to think about what I would wear to go out.  Despite local lore and its place in the desert, Vegas can get pretty chilly at night, especially in December.  With that in mind, I think the perfect going-out outfit for Sin City is the mini dress.  Sleeves are huge now.

In case you missed the Royal Wedding (in which case, we are no longer friends), Kate and Pippa brought sleeves back

I also loved the long-sleeve mini look on Diana Payne from Gossip Girl

Long sleeve dresses can look differently based on its design: plain, embellished, or printed.


1) With a plain dress, I would go with a statement shoe to pump up some excitement

2) Conversely, a plain black pump would go great with an embellished dress

3) A nude-tone shoe would really compliment a printed dress without taking away from neither you nor the dress.

My plan is to wow everyone there and not to be remembered in the wrong way. Also, to party hard.


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