Daily dose 11/23

Although this was an eventful week with my birthday and all, this Friday’s daily dose is going to be about some of yesterday’s amazing food.  For once, we had a completely from-scratch meal that my sister and I slaved over all day!  I believe it is important to remember what we have instead of trampling other people over crappily marked-down items.  I worked long enough in a big-box store to know that there is a special “Black Friday Stock” where the amazing deals you are getting are just lower quality items made specifically for these sales.  I’m kind of over it and will be shopping from home in the comfort of my own bed.


Pumpkin-flabored dinner rolls, shaped like pumpkins, made from this recipe


Asparagus made by wrapping prosciutto and puff pastry with a layer of chive and onion cream cheese, a Pepperidge Farm idea!


A yummy sweet potato casserole with a brown sugar and pecan topping20121123-075504.jpg

A much more improved “Turkey Cake” that I was used to getting when I was a kid since my birthday fell so close to thanksgiving. Look at the detail!


Our table all set and ready for the family to dig in!

Hope your family had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Let the Christmas Season Begin!!!



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