Skin Care Regimen

Winter has always been pretty harsh on my skin.  In fact, I attribute a lot of my dry skin problems to the fact that I was born during the middle of a blizzard (25 years ago TOMORROW).  My face takes the biggest hit with dryness and peeling, followed by breaking out and getting the most random markings at the most ill-fated times.

Back in high school and college, when it was cool, I started using harsh acne treatments although I didn’t have anything closely resembling acne other than one our two big zits a few times each year.  I learned the hard way that it only works as long as you are using it.  This means that when you stop, your skin returns to its previous state or it gets worse.

Come grad school and living at home (and with a sister who has a real job and buys fancy beauty products), I learned that being gentle with your skin helps must more than abusing it with harsher chemicals.


I use cetaphil because I do have sensitive skin and this is a pure soap formulated for your face.  I use this in the morning and evening and the pump is very useful in the shower.

In the morning, I use Clinique even skin corrector to just even out my skin tone from previous sun damage, especially from the summer.  It’s a bit pricy but you can see and feel the difference after just a couple of days!

In order to use the Clinique even skin corrector, you MUST use an SPF.  This Aveeno treatment is also not as inexpensive as other drug store brands, but it works very much like the Clinique product and contains SPF.  The combination of the two together is just MAGICAL!

When I feel like there’s too much activity on my face for me to handle, I treat myself to a mud masque from Queen Helene, which you can find in drug stores.  To be honest, I’ll just use it when I have my period, when I know my hormones are raging and I need to lay down the hammer.  This is probably the harshest thing I do to my skin right now.

After washing my face in the evening, I go to bed after using a thin layer of Hope in a Jar by Philosophy.  No wonder this thing is a cult favorite—it just feels amazing.  At first I was a little put off by the smell.  I had expected it to smell like baby powder or something, but since it is fragrance-free, there’s nothing to really cover up the base chemicals in the product.   The morning after using it, I can see a difference in any blemishes on my face that I had the night before.

I like my skin products the way I like my study habits: Work smarter, not harder


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