PV Body

Apparently one of the big shopping trends nowadays is subscription shopping sites.  When I first heard about these, they were just shoes (such as the Kim Kardashian shoe club by Shoe Dazzle).  Then emerged the days of Birch Box and its minions–too many to list for me to be fair, so I won’t.

Here I am today, thinking that I am ahead of the curve.  Enticed by a few Facebook ads and a special deal from TopFloor, I joined PV Body, run by its parent company, PuraVit.  Yes… this is a subscription shopping site for workout clothes.  Word on the street is that for $40 each month, they may or may not send you Lululemon workout gear, or something worth more than what you are paying for a subscription.

After doing an online assessment and being categorized as a “Cardio Queen” (LOLWUT?!) my first package came, and I was incredibly disappointed that I did not receive any Lululemon as they had advertised (according to youtube, they are sending everyone the same thing).

I did however receive a not-as-high-end brand called NUX and a set of full-length leggings and a high impact top.  They looked to be made of good quality (thicker material than Lululemon, as a matter of fact) and their website retailed them to be $49 a piece, so I got my money’s worth.  The pants look SUPER skinny, but they have a good three-way stretch, and the top had a really cool waffle-like material for stretching without looking like I’m stuffing myself like a sausage.

I’ll be waiting a box or two to see if I get any lulus–they are fantastic, after all and not to receive any would just be false advertising.


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