I have always said–and will always say that I have been completely spoiled growing up near Tyson’s Corner Center.  It is hands down one of the best malls in the country, and one of the first stops (outside of New York) a company will set up shop.  That being said, say “Hello” to the new home of C. Wonder.

It is just SO colorful, which I would like to describe has a mix between the bright pops of color of Kate Spade and a classy feel of Tory Burch.  It has everything from an AMAZING selection of jewelry, to age-appropriate clothing, and then to housewares! The newness and color was just so overwhelming that I had to walk outside and then come back later.  That was also to prevent myself from buying up the entire story.

They have this amazing jewelry bar with different trends, as well has some classic pieces.  I was however a little off put by how much gold-toned jewelry the had.  I had always been a classic silver girl, and am not sure how long the gold trend is going to last (Thank you Michael Kors watches).

Look at these charming little Letter Initial bangles! I am so lucky my initial is in a color that I adore.  I also thing it would be interesting to see if the “H” bangle could perhaps pass as the legendary Hermes bangle–we could try right?

NEED I SAY MORE! Custom monogramming for a boutique like this is adorable! There are just so many things that could be monogrammed that I would absolutely go nuts.  Just for myself.  What? Christmas is coming soon? Nope, everything is just for me!

This store is definitely going to be one of my go-to shops whenever I stop by the mall.  Until one opens near you, you can always shop online!






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