Misery Likes Company

My off rotation is coming to a very real end.  I meant to spend this week savoring every last bit of it, however I ended up getting very sick on Friday (I blame my cousins, who were carriers from their pre-school).  Working 10 hours on Sunday did not help either, so come Monday, I was miserable and hated life.  You think I would get better on Tuesday, but I actually felt much worse.

I have the tendency to self-medicate, since I am convinced that I am wise beyond my years in my field (read: I’m not).  I’m trying my best to be hydrated and taking my medications on time.  What I ended up with was piles of tissues surrounding my trashcan, lots of mugs sitting around in my room, and a sticky measuring cup full of cough syrup residue.

Fortunately I did have several comforts at home to keep me company:


1) Dayquil and Nyquil are my saviors and my room will forever smell like Vaporub.

(NOTE: DO NOT EVER take Nyquil just to sleep, you are taking medications that you don’t need.  It contains the same ingredients as Tylenol and Benadryl, so do not take any additional medications that contain the same ingredients–always read the label on multi-product medications

2) Netflix to help me continue catching up on shows that Pharmacy School has deprived me of–Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock..etc

3) Tervis full of water to keep me hydrated

4) Green Tea just because I needed some warmth

5) Cozy hoodie, PJs, and socks to keep me warm and comfortable.

I hope all of you keep warm–be wary of germs everywhere and don’t forget your flu shot!


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