Daily dose 11/2


I cannot believe it is November already–my off rotation is winding down to a very very sad close and it’s almost my birthday–quarter century, what?  Sandy has come and gone, leaving a path of sadness, but also hope.  Make sure you get your donation to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999 or here.

Here are the highlights of my week:



An amazing breakfast at my go-to spot at home, The Original Pancake House20121102-100018.jpg

Last minute hurricane shopping with my sister, and glad that we had gotten some water earlier



My attempt at nail art for halloween–I should stick to solid colors20121102-100100.jpg

The storm allowed me to catch up on some ready that I have been working on since the summer


My neon shorts and leggings get-up for when I saw the Legwarmers, an 80s cover band–what an amazing experience at the State Theater!

Have a fun and safe weekend!


2 thoughts on “Daily dose 11/2

  1. Hi, your nails are cute. I read all thoses books. I loved the movie too can’t wait to the next move comes out. Congradulations on almost finishing school. I’m just starting my school journey (Nursing).

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