Northside Social

Arlington, Virginia has gotten a huge facelift since I was a kid.  The more popular areas these days such as Ballston, Courthouse, and Clarendon used to be run down and one of those neighborhoods I was warned not to stray into.

Fast forward 15 years, and Arlington is now bustling and a mecca for new grads.  It has gotten so popular that some of my sister’s classmates from Philly were in awe that she grew up in an area where they dreamed of moving to after school.  Some pharmacy people I have met along the way are equally as interested in moving here.  I grew up here, so I call dibs on the jobs!

Northside Social is a little coffee place that my sister and I now frequent on weekend mornings (and now on her days off since I am off as well).  It’s an interesting mix of people who are all about the local and organic movement, and then the upper class yuppies.  Sometimes it’s the green people from college who now have real jobs–best of both worlds?

Their refrigerated display gives a feeling of an old school soda shop with locally grown fresh fruit and hand crafted desserts, along with glass soda bottles.  Regardless, their espresso drinks are delicious and their pastries are a guilty pleasure.  Home made Nutella poptarts?? Yes Please!


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