Halloween Pies

Amid the stormy rain and winds of Sandy, the kids in our family still want a fantastic Halloween together.  Trader Joe’s feeds all of my fall fancies with their amazing pumpkin products, made just to go with their perfect day-to-day items.

My contributions to the party tonight are the Pumpkin Macarons (which have been a hit throughout this entire month in this household) and little pumpkin pies made with Trader Joe’s puff pastry and pumpkin butter.

I had initially overlooked the pumpkin butter, but it is actually quite amazing.  It tastes good on it’s own, and possibly any type of carb, especially toast.  I’m glad I was at least able to snatch this gem up before they sold out, much like the chai and ice cream.

Starting ingredients: Pretty much yummy on their own

Fill and seal our little pies

Egg wash over the pastries (and some scraps turned into bread sticks)


Our finished product, warm and flaky, oozing with pumpkin goodness!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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