Emergency Halloween Costume

So Halloween day is here and I am still scrambling to find a costume.  I have a staunch policy that I do not buy costumes from the store.  I think I have always worn a home made costume.  After looking at all of the cliche costumes like Audrey Hepburn, I decided to put my own twist on this classic costume–a Tiffany BOX!

tiffany box costume

1) I had a similar Tiffany-colored dress from Target a couple years ago.  I’m going to the craft store later to get some thick white ribbon to tie into a bow around my waist.

2) I took one of my Tiffany boxes and attached it to a headband to wear on my head.

3) All of my silver Tiffany jewelry is coming out of the jewelry box and getting some use in tonight!

4) Just a few accessories to go with the theme like a pair of black pumps and a Tiffany-toned bag

5) Finally, my signature nail polish color from China Glaze, appropriately called “For Audrey”

I now have a cute G-rated costume that needs to explanation for this family party.

Be Safe tonight!


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