Pills, Pills, Pills

It’s now the end of American Pharmacists Month, and I hope you’ve been showing your pharmacist some love! My last post for APhM is about organizing your medications–both prescription and over the counter.

NEVER PUT MEDICATIONS IN YOUR BATHROOM. Medications are to be stored and cool, dry places. At least once a day, I am sure that your bathroom is neither cool nor dry. The expiration date on medications are only kept if medications are kept in these cool and dry places. If you keep them where it is hot and humid, they actually degrade much more quickly and probably will not keep well thereafter. I personally keep them in one of the Sterilite plastic drawers in my bedroom. A kitchen cabinet is also a good place to keep medications.

But as you know, my life has been kind of a mess what with leaving early each morning (and always running late), and never having the time to clean. By the this off rotation, my drug drawer pretty much looked like this:



After cleaning up a bit, my baskets looked more like this.  These were purchased at Hobby Lobby, and the big tray and two smaller tray fit perfectly in the drawer



I then separated the kinds of medications.  They categories were: cough/cold, allergy, stomach, first aid, topical, pain, and headache.  Some of them are kind of similar, such as cough/cold + allergy and first aid + topical.



Seeing as how there are only 3 trays, I had to be judicious about picking which medications are grouped together and which goes into each tray.  Cough/Cold + Allergy + Stomach all went into the big tray, Pain and headache got their own tray, and first aid and topical got the last tray.


I also make a habit of checking the expiration dates when I have to re-organize the drawer.  The trouble with couponing is that you buy so much stuff that you don’t need right away, so they eventually expire.  It’s not as easy to get rid of like food, where you can just gorge on it for a day (NEVER take medicine you don’t need, especially in large quantities) nor can you just toss it in the trash. So when I start seeing it being cluttered, I reorganize it like above, and then check the expiration dates as I go.

Be happy and healthy!


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