Country Roads, Take Me Home

My trip to Blacksburg was absolutely invigorating and exactly what I needed during my off rotation.  I got to see my boyfriend, which is the biggest bonus of all!  Although I did not attend the homecoming game, I still partook in several Tech traditions–mostly food and local eats. I also took the time to look at some new establishments that are new favorites.  I am pretty jealous with what I found and almost angry that these places were not open when I was around.

Driving down winding mountain roads of I-81

Amazing fish and chips at an Irish pub that had just recently opened

A half dozen cupcakes from Gobble Cakes, a new cupcakerie in town! They were delicious, and worth every penny

My reunion with my beloved Sushi Factory, which has supported me (cheaply) through many years of not having to cook the night before big exams

Late-night jumbo slices from Benny’s–I am so thankful this place was not around when I was a student because the freshman 15 would have easily become the freshman 50.

A treat for the road, a box of macarons from Our Daily Bread Bakery

Here’s to Hokie Love and a Full Stomach!


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