Throwback Homecoming

This past weekend was my high school’s homecoming.  A friend from high school and I went to the game.  How embarrassing.  However it was my cousin’s first homecoming and she was also a cheerleader, so we were there to make fun of her support her.  At the risk of looking too much like a student, I opted for a simple fall outfit that is graced with just a few school colors.

After a few hours of avoiding people from our class with whom we did not wish to speak, we enjoyed the new upgrades that our high school had–new stadium, new parking lots? and even a new bathroom (we were very excited about a new bathroom).  As a former cheerleader here myself (haha I know, I know) it was fun to see how much more competitive and how much more serious the school had become.  I even ran into one of my old coaches who came back this year to continue coaching!


My inner teeny bopper allowed myself to get a little bit more into school spirit with my stack and my nail polish.  Clearly, I took very little care in painting my own nails, so they were a mess.  Fortunately my nail polish skills have improved since high school, so this is much better than what you would have gotten during homecoming 2005.

Knight Spirit Let’s Hear It! 


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