Daily Dose 10/19

A little different Daily Dose today–instead of 5 favorite shots from this past week, I would like to share a few of my favorite things from Kim’s wedding.  Obviously this is the most exciting wedding to occur among our group of friends from pharmacy school.

If you know anything about Kim, she is very OCD and very meticulous.  It was a beautiful day and it went off perfectly.  If, by chance, something went wrong, the guests could not tell!

A perfect mountain backdrop for our country girl

Our program, with a tissue included to dry our eyes

Fall is in the air! And on our tables…escort cards on little mini pumpkins!

Kim doesn’t like cake, so she had a great selection of PIES!

Our amazing fall-themed table, where our pumpkin escort cards fit in perfectly fine

Their adorable sweetheart table, with his firefighter coat and her white lab coat!

Here’s to a beautiful love story that my friends and I have had a privilege to watch grow and flourish! LOVE YOU KIM AND CRAIG!


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