Budget-Friendly Wedding Gifts

I have reached that age where everyone  is getting married.  Kim’s wedding this past weekend was my third this year.  Just two more to go for 2012!  With my grad student budget in mind, I had to find thoughtful gifts for my blissfully wedded friends that did not hurt my relationship with my wallet too.  If your friends are really your friends, they probably won’t choose too many items that are unreasonably priced on their registry.

I find anything on the registry to be fair game–even if you get them a box full of kitchen nick-hacks.  They registered for them, so they obviously want them.  A few of my friends had been living with their husbands for quite some time, so the need for houseware was lacking.  Gift-giving can be incredibly tricky when there are no guidelines.  If you are in this position, there are several lovely options for under $50!wedding gifts

Kate Spade ‘belle boulevard’ 5×7 frame / Cotton Sateen Sheet Set, 100% Cotton, 300 Thread Count / Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender / Joseph Joseph Nest 8™ Preparation Bowl Set / Tiffany & Co. Champagne Flute

1) Tiffany Champagne Flutes ($20) are very classy. The sight of the Big Blue Box will excite any Bride-to-be.  A set of 2 for the bride and groom will still put you under $40 and are sure to be a hit.

2) Joseph Joseph Nested ($50) mixing bowls and measuring cups will surely brighten up a kitchen for the newlyweds.  Both the bowls and cups match, and all fit neatly together for an organized home.

3) Sateen Sheet Set from Bed Bath and Beyond ($25) is a good choice if you are old-school and believe that all wedding gifts should include linens.  I love sateen sheets because they are incredibly comfortable and smooth without the retro sheen of real satin sheets.

4) Cuisinart Smart stick hand blender ($45) is a versatile kitchen tool that your friends will truly love experimenting with in their new kitchen and cooking each other dinners.

5) Kate Spade Belle Boulevard 5×7 frame ($50) is a wedding staple, especially for showers.  There are bound to be very many beautiful photographs from the wedding, so why not provide the bride and groom with a lovely piece to display a picture from the happy day?  Kate spade makes a load of frames just for weddings, so check them out!

No matter what you choose, remember that your friends want you to be part of their special day.  Try not to stress so much over a gift, and focus more on the fact that you and your friends are growing up!


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