Wedding Wear

Dressing for a wedding is so much fun for me! It’s an opportunity for me to wear all my fancy dresses that I keep buying.  I am not a huge fan of wearing super short cocktail dresses (especially if it’s a day wedding) nor am I a fan of wearing loudly patterned sundresses (especially at evening weddings).  I like to find a good middle ground of a simply shaped dress with some special details.


Banana Republic ikat print dress / Max Studio platform pumps / Banana Republic jewelry / Tory Burch logos jewelry

At first, I was pretty worried about wearing this dress because I felt like it had too much white (that’s how much I dislike people wearing white to weddings). It’s from Banana Republic, and can you believe I found it on Final Sale for $15?? It was a STEAL and a dress I had been eying for a while to begin with! With a dress that has an intricate pattern such as ikat, I try not to overwhelm it with a lot of accessories  and bold colors.

You bet I was ready to party with friends!


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