Hokie Homecoming

It’s college homecoming season, and in a series of fortunate events, I am back at my alma mater for homecoming!  Driving through Downtown Blacksburg yesterday, I reminisced about my life as a college student not too long ago.  I am seriously starting to wonder how I came out alive, or even graduated.

One of my favorite sights is seeing older alumni (think my parents’ or grandparents’ age) meander about campus and marvel at the new changes (really? a parking garage?).  I’m sure to be one of those old-timers in the future, but in the mean time I’ll try to blend into the current students.

I definitely saw a smart trend in the outfits of the students strolling downtown today and I LOVE how more and more stores are becoming more accepting of the magnificent color combination of burnt orange and Chicago maroon.

I believe in displaying school spirit  in forms other than the tshirts sold at the university bookstore.  Mixing in school colors and Fall fashion is a huge plus for me, especially when you have many outings during spirit week.

The Sweater-Skinny Jeans- Riding Boot- Crossbody Bag combination is perfect for a night downtown at the bars before spirit week.  It keeps you warm, trendy, and hands-free for your drinks!



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