Daily Dose 10/12


This week has been AMAZING. I slept in, I came and went as I pleased, and I just enjoyed myself.  I am now sitting comfortably in Kev’s apartment as I await the wedding of a dear friend tomorrow in Roanoke.  It also happens to be homecoming weekend for Virginia Tech, and I did not even expect  to be here for this! I am however sad not to be going to the game, but I think my excuse is well worth it!



Weekends at Northside Social In Arlington, VA has become our new weekend tradition and I could not be happier!



Cleaning my room, I found a scarf I knitted for the Harry Potter movie premiere.  About that….



Still obsessed with this bracelet I found at Macy’s that has my favorite prayer.  I don’t usually wear a lot of bracelets, since they irritate me so much, but this bracelet has been light and basically unnoticeable.



Coming back down to Blacksburg, gives me the opportunity to experience their award winning Dining Hall once more.  Can we say East Coast Jamba Juice?? It was amazing.


Another fun day with my sister on this off rotation brought us to a hidden gem of a sushi place in Vienna, Virginia.  Look at the rice ball! It’s a FISH! So adorable.



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