{mis} Fortune Cookie

Today was my big presentation, representative of the work I had done the past 5 weeks.  It was bad. It was really, really bad.  I am surprised I wasn’t just told to stop and start over tomorrow (well, in so many words…).  Instead of relaxing tonight, I stayed up to do follow up questions (and being all nervous all over again instead of skipping gleefully around the hospital).

Step in my sister, who keeps begging me to go to happy hour, and drags me PF Changs so she can get some Dynamite Shrimp (worth it).  Burning tongues and 4 glasses of water later, we got our check and our fortune cookie:

Thanks cookie, I could have used the encouragement yesterday.  Regardless, it is a good message.  Tomorrow is my last day and it marks the halfway point of the year to my degree. I guess this is when it gets really really tough.  Thank the lord I get the next 5 weeks off, because I am absolutely burnt out.

One time, I played the lucky numbers on the fortune. I didn’t win.


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