Emergency Halloween Costume

So Halloween day is here and I am still scrambling to find a costume.  I have a staunch policy that I do not buy costumes from the store.  I think I have always worn a home made costume.  After looking at all of the cliche costumes like Audrey Hepburn, I decided to put my own twist on this classic costume–a Tiffany BOX!

tiffany box costume

1) I had a similar Tiffany-colored dress from Target a couple years ago.  I’m going to the craft store later to get some thick white ribbon to tie into a bow around my waist.

2) I took one of my Tiffany boxes and attached it to a headband to wear on my head.

3) All of my silver Tiffany jewelry is coming out of the jewelry box and getting some use in tonight!

4) Just a few accessories to go with the theme like a pair of black pumps and a Tiffany-toned bag

5) Finally, my signature nail polish color from China Glaze, appropriately called “For Audrey”

I now have a cute G-rated costume that needs to explanation for this family party.

Be Safe tonight!


Halloween Pies

Amid the stormy rain and winds of Sandy, the kids in our family still want a fantastic Halloween together.  Trader Joe’s feeds all of my fall fancies with their amazing pumpkin products, made just to go with their perfect day-to-day items.

My contributions to the party tonight are the Pumpkin Macarons (which have been a hit throughout this entire month in this household) and little pumpkin pies made with Trader Joe’s puff pastry and pumpkin butter.

I had initially overlooked the pumpkin butter, but it is actually quite amazing.  It tastes good on it’s own, and possibly any type of carb, especially toast.  I’m glad I was at least able to snatch this gem up before they sold out, much like the chai and ice cream.

Starting ingredients: Pretty much yummy on their own

Fill and seal our little pies

Egg wash over the pastries (and some scraps turned into bread sticks)


Our finished product, warm and flaky, oozing with pumpkin goodness!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Pills, Pills, Pills

It’s now the end of American Pharmacists Month, and I hope you’ve been showing your pharmacist some love! My last post for APhM is about organizing your medications–both prescription and over the counter.

NEVER PUT MEDICATIONS IN YOUR BATHROOM. Medications are to be stored and cool, dry places. At least once a day, I am sure that your bathroom is neither cool nor dry. The expiration date on medications are only kept if medications are kept in these cool and dry places. If you keep them where it is hot and humid, they actually degrade much more quickly and probably will not keep well thereafter. I personally keep them in one of the Sterilite plastic drawers in my bedroom. A kitchen cabinet is also a good place to keep medications.

But as you know, my life has been kind of a mess what with leaving early each morning (and always running late), and never having the time to clean. By the this off rotation, my drug drawer pretty much looked like this:



After cleaning up a bit, my baskets looked more like this.  These were purchased at Hobby Lobby, and the big tray and two smaller tray fit perfectly in the drawer



I then separated the kinds of medications.  They categories were: cough/cold, allergy, stomach, first aid, topical, pain, and headache.  Some of them are kind of similar, such as cough/cold + allergy and first aid + topical.



Seeing as how there are only 3 trays, I had to be judicious about picking which medications are grouped together and which goes into each tray.  Cough/Cold + Allergy + Stomach all went into the big tray, Pain and headache got their own tray, and first aid and topical got the last tray.


I also make a habit of checking the expiration dates when I have to re-organize the drawer.  The trouble with couponing is that you buy so much stuff that you don’t need right away, so they eventually expire.  It’s not as easy to get rid of like food, where you can just gorge on it for a day (NEVER take medicine you don’t need, especially in large quantities) nor can you just toss it in the trash. So when I start seeing it being cluttered, I reorganize it like above, and then check the expiration dates as I go.

Be happy and healthy!

Pip Pip Hooray

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Royal Family and the Middletons.  When the Royal Wedding was announced a little over 2 years ago, I was over the moon with joy.  I even dressed as Kate Middleton for Halloween the following year.  Obsessed is an understatement.

When the world was exposed to Pippa, I was so mesmerized.  Unfortunately my boyfriend has a weird obsession with Pippa Middleton now… (lame pants).  She was listed as a British Fashion Icon before people even cared who Kate was.  She does carry a rather signature casual look, which can be easily replicated States-side at our favorite place–TARGET!


V neck dress / Ballerina flat / Cowhide handbag / Stone jewelry / Red bracelet / Gold aviator sunglasses

Maybe this will be an inspiration for me this Halloween, as I am still terribly undecided on costumes.  Pippa also came out with a new book this past Tuesday.  No, it’s not a tell-all, just a Martha-Stewart-Like party planning book, since she is in the partying industry–supplies, that is.


Most of you have come to find this blog via my Twitter, CatholicGirlProb.  I have since been offering Wine Koozies for our Wine-loving Catholic Girls.  With Halloween right around the corner and a Catholic School Girl as one of the most popular costumes, it’s time for a giveaway to complete these dear and darling costume outfits.

The giveaway will be completed at Midnight on October 28, and I will ship immediately to get it to the winners by Halloween day or at the very latest, but the second Halloweekend (Wednesday Halloweens are the best years!)

To Enter, Please go to my Facebook page and click on the RaffleCopter Giveaway tab!

If you feel you just cannot wait for the giveaway, or want to order additional coozies for family and friends (even a black one with pink lettering!), please visit my Etsy shop for your deepest desires.

Daily dose 10/26


Sadly, we have reached the midpoint of my off-rotation and I cannot bear to see it go by even further.  That being said, I did manage to accomplish a few things that did make me happy this week:


Homemade Nutella poptarts made with puff pastry20121026-161814.jpg

Happy Halloween from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!


McDonald’s fries that were won from their Monopoly game. What a victory!20121026-161853.jpg

My meager reapings from hurricane preparation for a family of 5.  We used to take these warnings very lightly, but since my parents were without power for 2 weeks last year, we are prepping up for the apocalypse


So happy to finally have my Audrey Hepburn poster up in my bedroom again.  Now it feels like home

Have a Happy and Safe Halloweekend!


Happy Hour

It’s Thursday, and it’s almost the weekend.  For some lucky few, it’s already the weekend. It’s time to kick back and relax, and possibly not give so much care to Friday’s work.  Being at home for an off rotation, it’s nice to just throw together a simple outfit to meet with friends for happy hour after they get off work.

Although I cannot pretend that I have been working all day, I can at least dress like I’m making an effort today or ran errands (read: I’m in bed all day until I get a call around 3pm).

T By Alexander Wang / Slim fit jeans /Jack Rogers Platinum shoes / MICHAEL Michael Kors watch / Amrita Singh coral bib necklace /  j crew jewelry Bangle
I will forever be a fan of a casual outfit dressed up with accessories.  It’s been unusually warm in DC for the first month of Fall, so I still consider Jacks to be a staple, so long as toes are properly pedicured.
Happy Almost-weekend!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

As an avid supporter of Breast Cancer Research, I jump at every opportunity to be involved in community events, regardless of organizational affiliation.  Unfortunately with rotations and being away from Richmond, I am unable to participate in these activities that I have done in the past.

The great thing about the widespread concern of Breast Cancer is that many companies and retailers are also teaming up with the many organizations that support Breast Cancer Research.  I do feel a bit more sentimental when I see these types of products, and perhaps that may even influence my spending pattern during the month of October.

Here are some of my picks this year:


Country Roads, Take Me Home

My trip to Blacksburg was absolutely invigorating and exactly what I needed during my off rotation.  I got to see my boyfriend, which is the biggest bonus of all!  Although I did not attend the homecoming game, I still partook in several Tech traditions–mostly food and local eats. I also took the time to look at some new establishments that are new favorites.  I am pretty jealous with what I found and almost angry that these places were not open when I was around.

Driving down winding mountain roads of I-81

Amazing fish and chips at an Irish pub that had just recently opened

A half dozen cupcakes from Gobble Cakes, a new cupcakerie in town! They were delicious, and worth every penny

My reunion with my beloved Sushi Factory, which has supported me (cheaply) through many years of not having to cook the night before big exams

Late-night jumbo slices from Benny’s–I am so thankful this place was not around when I was a student because the freshman 15 would have easily become the freshman 50.

A treat for the road, a box of macarons from Our Daily Bread Bakery

Here’s to Hokie Love and a Full Stomach!

Throwback Homecoming

This past weekend was my high school’s homecoming.  A friend from high school and I went to the game.  How embarrassing.  However it was my cousin’s first homecoming and she was also a cheerleader, so we were there to make fun of her support her.  At the risk of looking too much like a student, I opted for a simple fall outfit that is graced with just a few school colors.

After a few hours of avoiding people from our class with whom we did not wish to speak, we enjoyed the new upgrades that our high school had–new stadium, new parking lots? and even a new bathroom (we were very excited about a new bathroom).  As a former cheerleader here myself (haha I know, I know) it was fun to see how much more competitive and how much more serious the school had become.  I even ran into one of my old coaches who came back this year to continue coaching!


My inner teeny bopper allowed myself to get a little bit more into school spirit with my stack and my nail polish.  Clearly, I took very little care in painting my own nails, so they were a mess.  Fortunately my nail polish skills have improved since high school, so this is much better than what you would have gotten during homecoming 2005.

Knight Spirit Let’s Hear It!