Interview Day!

What’s more terrifying than having a job interview? Having four job interviews in one day.  Our school is having a career day tomorrow, and it is basically a flurry of employers from around the state looking for fresh meat.  And we, desperate soon-to-be grads, fall right into their little traps.

Regardless of the setting, an interview is an interview.  Technically, these are just screenings (read: pre-interviews to exclude the crazies), so an absolute formal business suit is not required, as I had worn for my CVS interview.

Pearl Earrings (Family Heirloom) // Zara Bag // Tie Blouse (Similar) // Pencil Skirt (Similar) // Michael Kors Watch // Pearl Bracelet (Family Heirloom)  // Love Bracelet // Target Nude Pumps  

I like staying absolutely classy and neutral.  It’s a very awkward season right now, where it is autumn by calendar, and the dead of summer by temperature.  Basic, light-feeling pieces are a must, and dressed up with not-too-flashy pieces of jewelry.

Although the MK watches have been overdone for over a year now, keeping time is very important, as we are only allotted 30 minutes per screening.  Something about acting responsible and accountable in front of an employer? You don’t say…

Simple jewelry to go along with the outfit is always acceptable.  My two favorite pieces are the patent nude pumps from Target ($30) and the work bag from Zara ($80).  Very classy, versatile, and look expensive even though they’re not!

Wouldn’t you hire me?


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