Spavers: Extreme Couponing

Spavers week is here–due to a raging financial hangover from Fashion Week. This week I plan on sharing how I save money and try to stretch every dollar.

My sister coupons. She has a binder. Filled with coupons. Fortunately she is not the one who carries the binder to the store–just massive envelopes. She went through a short period of not working, so she started couponing. I liked it because there were plenty of bathroom and kitchen items that neither she nor I had to pay for.


Here are her short tips for couponing:

1) Organize! Organize by type of product (food, bathroom, medicine, etc) then organize by brand. This saves room in the binder, and then all of the coupons for one brand is together when there are sales on certain items that you are looking for. When clipping coupons for the new week, make sure you get rid of your old ones. If showing up to the register with a stack of coupons is embarrassing, having some of them expired is mortifying. My sister also sends expired coupons to Coups for Troops–military families are allowed to use coupons 6 months post expiration on military bases.

2) Plan Ahead and Stack! Check websites for store coupons and save coupons you get at the store with your receipt. Manufacturers coupons can be stacked with store coupons. Some stores will even accept competitors coupons.

3) Be Patient! Just because something is on sale, or you have a coupon for it, doesn’t mean it is that great of a deal. Wait for both to coincide–the coupon gods are harmonizing to save you some money. Unless, of course, you really need it. Then you should probably buy it. Like, out of shampoo and deodorant at the same time.

4) Break it down! If you know you are going to get cash rewards or gift cards for certain purchases, break up your transaction so you can use those rewards on the second half of your purchase! This will bring down your total spending.

5) Be Smart! Always check store and state policies regarding the use of coupons.

Her favorite places to coupon are CVS and Target–not often featured on the TV show. She also gets a lot of her tips from Krazy Koupon Lady, who was also featured on the show.

Happy saving!


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