Outfit of the Day 9/12

I was SO excited to get my special delivery on Tuesday that I HAD to wear my new shoes right away! I have this really weird tradition of rewarding myself (read: justifying everything I buy) at the end of each rotation.  Not only does it stop impulse buying, but it also encourages me to keep chugging along when I am most depressed about school.

Dressing professionally at this rotation can get very boring.  It is always important not to be too flashy, as you never know who is coming around the corner and there are very important doctors and other highly revered medical people.

I feel like these shoes are the perfect transition piece for the fall, as if the orange toe were the sun setting on summer. I actually got a great deal on them from DSW, so I definitely had to snatch them up.  As luck would have it, the only sizes left were my size.  They also come in a bunch of other colors.

My Fornash bracelets from Hautelook also tie together all of my outfits, seeing as how I had bought some in every color during one of their fab sales.

What are your favorite transition looks?


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