The first flash sale site I ever joined was HauteLook.  Ironically enough, I was invited by an ex (read: red flag).  At first, I was so excited by the steep discounts they had.  They also had some pretty awesome brands! Unfortunately, I believe that HauteLook is based in the West Coast, so the style here is more Boho-Indie than what I normally like.  HL also boasts a wide selection of menswear.  Like RueLaLa, HauteLook also offers a credit for invites.  Sign up and invite your friends now!


Pros: A lot of beauty products, has the more popular brands more frequently, organize by price range, the items in your basket are yours for 15 minutes before it goes back up for grabs, a lot of designer jeans available

Cons: Shipping is slow, not a huge variety of style

Favorite Brands: American Apparel, Fornash, Lorac, New Balance

Very Rare Brands: Issa, Pippa, Jigsaw, Luxe Brands

Hope you’re not tired of shopping yet!


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