Weightloss Week: Keeping Track with Apps

An important part of motivating myself on a weightloss plan is being able to keep track of my progress and yearning to do even better.  Since my iPhone is always on me, apps are the way to go! Here are some of my favoriites.

Lose it

Lose it is great because you can track calories basically anywhere! It has most restaurant items listed, AND you can scan the barcode of packaged foods for their calorie count! If you are like me, and eat the same meals every day, you can just search for “previous meals” and it will reload what you ate the past week to choose from.

Nike Training Club

I don’t know if this is free anymore, but it was when I got it.  The Training Club is a list of several workouts that are mashed together depending on your workout goals.  You can set the time, intensity, or just the area you want to work on.  I used this for early morning workouts when I am just too lazy to put on normal clothes.

Nike+ Running App

I do not like paying for apps, but I wanted to start running more and since I had to pay for it, my guilty conscience will force me to run! I like this app because it uses GPS technology to track where I am running, how far I am running, and how long it takes.  It is pretty sweet.  A feature I don’t like is its “cheering” voice.  She’s not that cheerful.  Scary, actually.

For my CrossFit workouts, write down the workouts, what weights and scaling I used, and my time/reps completed.  I have tried several of the free apps for CrossFit logging, but I never seemed to like them.  It was too tedious to punch them all in, and my gym offered a notebook to log in workouts.

Working out: there are MANY apps for that!


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