Daily Dose 8/31

This month–and this rotation–has flown by so quickly.  While it had its ups and downs, I did learn a lot of things at Kaiser.  I came home everyday just down in the dumps because it had been so mentally exhausting.  Sad part is, that is real life.  It is so weird to work no longer on your own time, but rapidly because someone’s life literally depends on it.  I was fortunate to work on disease states like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol because it so greatly affects so many people.  My final evaluation was in the form of an oral exam–terrifying!

That being said, here are some highlights of this past rotation and my daily dose!

Our office was right next to a Caribou–a rare treat tucked away in certain corners of Northern Virginia. I tried to make it a goal that the staff would know my order every day, however I was too busy trying everything on their delicious menu! Pumpkin Flavors came early and it was glorious.

The stack of notes I carried around with me so I could study and look up treatment guidelines anywhere I went. I still don’t believe that I smushed all of that into memory.

My small little cubicle that I worked in everyday. I am pretty sure my workspace is shrinking by each rotation. I started out by running an entire clinic, down to an office, now to a cubicle. I’ll be lucky if I get a lunch table next time!

This is posted next to the stairs and elevators. You know you work in a medical office building when….

I still find this hilarious. This is how to proceed in bomb threat situations. ONLY IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA!

I still believe that this is the calm before the storm.  Luckily, I get Labor Day off, but then I start a 10 week marathon at one of our really big hospitals here.  I have already gotten an e-mail that states I will be assigned a pager.  How grown up–yet outdated!

Have a great weekend! and be safe!


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