Lilly Haul

I know all of us had woken up early on the morning of August 21, awaiting the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale. While we did run into some technological disappointments, we were rewarded by the fruits of our labor by the end of the week.  Here is my haul for these fantastic sales!

Endless summer sale

1) I have LOVED the Libby sparkler dress for some time.  I am a huge fan of kitschy ideas, so I look forward to the glow in the dark fireworks on this dress.  I am really sad that summer is winding down, so I will not get to show it off any time soon.

2) I have not bought an eyelet dress recently, and I needed a color upgrade (my previous eyelet was a white J. Crew dress).  I did however order this dress a size down to motivate some weight loss. I have yet to discover if this is something I’m going to regret.

3) The state of mind print will truly become a holy grail print in a few years.  I really wanted a skirt, because I feel the dresses are too overwhelming on my body type.  The tate is actually a mini skirt, but I am short, so it becomes a modest length on me.

4) MURFEE scarf! I LOVE murfees.  They are light for fall and spring, and yet still look functional for the winter.  I love that it can brighten up a neutral toned outfit.  I really am excited for the Virginia scarf to be release, I may actually pay full price for it!

5) Scalloped shorts came into style this past spring, and I could not wait any longer to get my hands on these badboys.  I was pretty worried about how I would look in them because I have post-gymnast thighs, plus crossfit building muscle under fat, but I picked out the right size, and they turned out great!


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