Wedding madness has begun

I have always wondered why people say that Summer is wedding season. For my friends and family weddings have always been in the fall. Must be a Virginia thing.

I spent this past weekend in Roanoke to celebrate a close friend’s wedding shower. Her sister is her maid of honor and did a fantastic job with the menu and decorations. With Pinterest being so popular, I have no idea how she managed to narrow down to so many cute ideas!

We were first treated with a mimosa bar, where we added champagne to our choice of fruit purees: strawberry, blackberry, peach, or orange. I myself am a peach lover, and went to town on it.

We poured your yummy custom mimosas into cute little champagne glasses with chalkboard paint on the bottom, where we can write our names along with the bride’s and groom’s initials.

I was too busy gorging on our fantastic luncheon to snap pictures, so I skipped right to dessert and these fabulous cupcakes, also marked with the happy couple’s initials.

It really was a perfect day for our perfect girl. What made it even better is that we got to enjoy it in the sun, and by the pool 🙂



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