Moving home: desk

Upon moving home, I had never really though about having to put together a desk because I was no longer taking classes, thus no longer studying. Unfortunately, there is a substantial amount of work that goes along with rotations (read: a LOT of presentations and papers).

Sometimes, I define true adulthood as when you no longer have to have a desk in your bedroom. This can come in a number of different ways: you either no longer are in school or you are grown up enough to have a spare bedroom that you can turn into an “office”.

Until then, here is how I set up a desk in my not-so-adult life:

I kept the desk from my old room because it was pretty compact (a change from the awkwardly shaped corner desk I had beforehand) and matched the rest of my furniture. My dear nightstand lamps is now my desk lamp and gives my rather industrial desk a softer feel. Above my desk is the larger of my two Victorian corkboards, so I can keep track of important memos. I also like to keep my pens and other stationary tools within reach, as I am a compulsive list maker. At the center is a picture of my classmates from our first day of school (today, ironically, is the first day of school for our underclassmen) and some hand sanitizer–two very important things to me apparently. And that big binder in the middle–that is papers and handouts from my first TWO rotations. Ouch…

In addition to the small space that my desk takes up, I also like the versatility of my desk, as the middle part swings out to make an L-desk when I need more room to work.


The most kitschy thing about my desk area is using a magnetic spice rack to organize my little desk trinkets. Each little jar is used to hold a different thing–I even segregate my thumb tacs!

I am now in search of a comfy office chair. If rotations are going to be more rigorous than regular classes, I know I will be spending many late nights in that chair. I somehow managed to misplace in during the move (really though, who loses a CHAIR).

What is your desktop like?


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