Moving home: bookshelf

My bookshelf is used for anything but books. I tend to use it as a display piece for frames, as well as for my pretty jewelry and fragrance bottles.

Since moving home, I found it hard to find adequate wall space for my shelf. It is now sitting in a corner against a wall and facing my bed (my sister’s idea). It’s close proximity to my bed has turned it into an enormous nightstand and storage space.


Toward the top of my shelf is the display piece. I had mentioned earlier that I LOVE apothecary jars, so I found these little gems as a set. I’m not quite sure what to put in them yet. My sister wants to put candy in them but I’m nit sure how I feel about putting food where dust easily collects. The first shelf holds books I have just read, currently reading, or on my short list. Now that the Olympics are over, I can finally get back to pleasure reading. I also put up some photobooks I got from my professional fraternity to celebrate our previous three years with them.

My shelves in the middle are more functional and hold a lot of things for everyday use. I like to keep my practical jewelry within reach on this shelf. This includes my pearls and more subtle pieces to my colorful, but small pieces. I recently discovered Fornash, which is the same jewelry sold on the Lilly Pulitzer site. They are great for creating stacks with my MK watch! I also have a few fragrances I keep on rotation and also within reach, depending on how I feel on a particular day. The next shelf down is level with my bed, so it holds my iHome, which I use as an alarm clock (still out of commission from the move, but ready to go) and important mail I’m mulling over (a friend’s beautiful wedding invitation).

The very bottom of my bookshelf is my secret messy spot. I put a lot of heavy things down here to anchor the shelf down, as plush carpeting and tall light-weight furniture are not friends. I have my enormous nail polish and nail tools nearby. As CollegePrepster said, giving yourself a manicure can be very therapeutic, and non-pharmacological therapy is ALWAYS first line. The very bottom of my shelf has my huge pharmacotherapy textbook (all 2550) pages of it and my high school scrapbooks. I have a love-hate relationship with both of them.

What non-conventional things do you put on your shelves?


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