Moving home: closet

So today kicks off my project to get my room together after moving home. The first big project I tackled was my closet. When the house was first remodeled, my parents had put in two small closets instead of one along the wall. The first closet has two levels where I can put shirts on top and my skirts and pants on the bottom. The second closet is a full length one for dresses and coats.

1) I like to organize my shirts by style so I can go to that section depending on what I’m wearing: dressy tops, polos, button ups, and long sleeve polos. For pants and skirts, I use hanger trees. They really are a space saver and my skirts can hang nicely with the clamps. I’m still working on my undergarment placement however. The little plastic drawers that held them for 7 years will stick around until I can find a permanent home for them. I also used the door space to hang my tote bags and other bags I use for school.

2) My dresses are organized the same way as my shirts. My dresses for special occasions are roasted the back since they don’t get much use, but my sundresses and business dresses are more convenient to look through.

3) This two-closet system works pretty well as it gives me some hidden space for my shoes. I have these 15 cube shelves from Target facing outward on both sides of my closet and room for my boots on top!

4) The shelving above is great for hoodies, jackets, and my nice purses (designer ones with dust bags).

5) I’m really paranoid about moths and dust since I have sensitive skin. Putting my hoodies in this Thirty-one tote not only keeps them off the shelf, but also keeps them organized and I won’t topple them over when I’m in a hurry!

Something I like to do is that when I use an article of clothing, I take the hanger and put them with the spare hangers on the bottom. That way, I’ll always know where to find a hanger and won’t have any random ones sticking out.

I also try to be very judicious about using door hooks. Instead if just hanging stuff there for convenience and letting a mess accumulate, I only hang things I know I’m going to use every day, such as a jacket, labcoat, and purse.

Are you as OCD as I am?


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