Meetings on meetings on meetings

My last rotation was at my state pharmacy association’s headquarters, if you will.  What the rotation mainly focused on was representing the pharmacists in the state at many meetings, on a number of different issues.  These topics ranged from health care lobbying at our state capitol, working with Medicare and Medicaid Services, working with the department of health’s immunization projects, and even a trip to Capitol Hill to meet our state senators!

The very last week of my rotation had about 3 meetings–so crazy!  I had prepared myself well for dressing like a grown up over the past three years.  I actually made it a personal rule that every time I go shopping, I had to buy an article of professional clothing.  It really paid off!

Here are some of my selections, based on the type of meeting:


My first of the week was at the state’s Department of Health, where we pleaded our case in the role of a pharmacist in collaborative practice agreements.  CPAs were a big chunk of the work that I had at this rotation.  Because this was almost equivalent to a court hearing, I had to put my bitchin’ power suit on–with a twist of course.  I love looking sharp and smart when I’m trying to sway people’s opinions.


The second meeting of the week was a presentation.  Since the majority of our presentations require active audience participation and walking around, I am aware that someone is going to be looking me up and down.  Pumps are fantastic for presentations, as long as they are comfortable.  My legs are of the short and stubby variety, so the pumps elongate my legs, and I actually look like a girl.  Pencil skirt and flowy top are basically my go-to outfit for presentations.  It is always important to command the attention of the room during a presentation.

breakfast meeting

My last meeting of the week was a breakfast meeting (read: we had to come in way early to accommodate our guests).  Since I anticipated a lot of movement (I am vicious while eating breakfast) and the meeting was business casual, I opted for a standard dress pant a dressy top combination.  I also expected to be the one who was running around grabbing more coffee and napkins, so my go-to movement shoe is the Jack Rogers Slim ballet flat.  It feels like butter.  I never even had to break them in! They were perfect from the very beginning and stayed super comfortable.


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