Farewell Old Room

As many of you know, I made the big move back home for the remainder of my rotations (read: no rent!). Prior to moving to Richmond 3 years ago, I was obsessed with decorating my big girl apartment in “the city”.

To completely contrast my kid-like bedroom at home, I went with all black furniture and rustic looking corkboards with thick black frames. To be honest, it was a mess, considering my design concept revolved around a damask lamp from Target and an enormous Audrey Hepburn poster from undergrad.

Tacky 21-year old me was so proud of my work… Which actually came back to be a try-hard collage of anything black, white, purple, and damask.

I loved my Audrey poster so dearly and there was just something about that lamp! Yes I’m aware that the Ikea side table is significantly shorter than my bed. I had put my bed on risers so I could store some boxes underneath. In other words…SO MUCH MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES. I had since bought a dresser that at least was as tall as my bed, so that was a major improvement to my room during my stay.


I went so far as to draw on these damask flowers by hand! Oh man I was so proud of that, so embarrassing. I also took the extra time to make sure my corkboard was lined up perfectly to the top of my bookshelf (it wasn’t). And that tiny little tv which my boyfriend calls the gameboy… Well that’s just sitting in the basement now.


I bought a purple lamp. What on earth? Not pictured here, I had also bought a purple three-hole puncher. The Victorian looking blob on my wall is a stick on chalkboard, which I really did like, but it’s not exactly something we can just transport. The desk was completely out of place, but it was black so I bought it?

In planning to move home, I demanded that I would bring everything home. So my parents hustled to take EVERYTHING out if my room so I could recreate this room more tastefully. Since that is a major work in progress, pictures will have to come much later.

Have you ever had a room project go horribly wrong?


One thought on “Farewell Old Room

  1. I just redid my bedroom and I am in love with it! It turned out amazing I did a very similar scheme to yours. I started with this beautiful bedspread http://www.kinglinen.com/cf0805-wsh-t.html Then I painted my walls a pretty just slightly darker than Tiffany blue, and got the most gorgeous oversized black dresser with a mirror and nightstand. I also actually have the exact same lamp from target! I started with the color scheme and bedspread though.

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