Casual Friday

I REALLY miss my last rotation.  I really think it was the freedom I was granted, and the level of trust my preceptor had for me.  I don’t really blame my new preceptor, as he has told me horror stories of what other students have done.  I guess I’m in the clear since I would never dream of what they have done.

That being said, this current rotation is an incredibly professional environment, so no more casual Fridays.  Sad panda.

casual friday

This type of outfit is pretty much a staple for me.  I like to keep it simple and accessorize from there.  I’m quite sure my preceptor thought I was a nut, with my super matching outfits.  So what if I like to look like a girl every once in a while? The professional outfit thing can get pretty boring, and rather frumpy looking.  Thank God for casual Fridays.  I will miss you dearly.


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