Daily Dose 8/3

It has been an incredibly hectic week. I am officially moved out of Richmond and back home in the DC suburbs. I also started my new rotation this past Monday and it has been quite a change from my previous two.

I am now at a Kaiser medical office building for an ambulatory care rotation and it was a rude awakening as to what I did not retain in school.

The move itself was a nightmare. That’s all I have to say about it. So here are 5 things that brightened my week.

1. This ballsy guy reading the newspaper on I-95. Not that it helps that in trying to take a picture with him

2. The fruits of my labor. A 9 page continuing education article that will be published in our state pharmacy association’s newsletter.

3. My very last workout at Crossfit RVA last Friday where I completed it as prescribed (no scaling movements and at the recommended weight!)

4. The great wall of chocolate from P.F. Changs, a reward for my boyfriend and me for our big move, and also for him driving to help me and subsequently staying to drive to truck home.

5. Driving home and, can you believe it, GOT LOST in DC because I took the HOV lane to avoid an accident! Such a pretty sight at sunset though.

Have a lovely weekend!


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