Daily Dose 8/31

This month–and this rotation–has flown by so quickly.  While it had its ups and downs, I did learn a lot of things at Kaiser.  I came home everyday just down in the dumps because it had been so mentally exhausting.  Sad part is, that is real life.  It is so weird to work no longer on your own time, but rapidly because someone’s life literally depends on it.  I was fortunate to work on disease states like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol because it so greatly affects so many people.  My final evaluation was in the form of an oral exam–terrifying!

That being said, here are some highlights of this past rotation and my daily dose!

Our office was right next to a Caribou–a rare treat tucked away in certain corners of Northern Virginia. I tried to make it a goal that the staff would know my order every day, however I was too busy trying everything on their delicious menu! Pumpkin Flavors came early and it was glorious.

The stack of notes I carried around with me so I could study and look up treatment guidelines anywhere I went. I still don’t believe that I smushed all of that into memory.

My small little cubicle that I worked in everyday. I am pretty sure my workspace is shrinking by each rotation. I started out by running an entire clinic, down to an office, now to a cubicle. I’ll be lucky if I get a lunch table next time!

This is posted next to the stairs and elevators. You know you work in a medical office building when….

I still find this hilarious. This is how to proceed in bomb threat situations. ONLY IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA!

I still believe that this is the calm before the storm.  Luckily, I get Labor Day off, but then I start a 10 week marathon at one of our really big hospitals here.  I have already gotten an e-mail that states I will be assigned a pager.  How grown up–yet outdated!

Have a great weekend! and be safe!


Back to School

Tomorrow is pretty much my version of my first day of school.  While on rotations, our class only meets twice before graduation.  I will probably be seeing most of my classmates for the first time since walking out of my last final.  I guess, even at this age, you still have the first day jitters.  Being that I do not really get to see anyone often, another first day outfit is necessary.

time to go to school

I know it’s not quite fall yet, but it is becoming a little cooler and the leaves are turning.  I so desperately what to grasp onto the last bits of summer, but denial gets me no where.  It’s a pretty basic outfit that makes me look grown up and put together.  I love the more natural elements that lets everyone else in denial that it is finally fall.

Lilly Haul

I know all of us had woken up early on the morning of August 21, awaiting the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale. While we did run into some technological disappointments, we were rewarded by the fruits of our labor by the end of the week.  Here is my haul for these fantastic sales!

Endless summer sale

1) I have LOVED the Libby sparkler dress for some time.  I am a huge fan of kitschy ideas, so I look forward to the glow in the dark fireworks on this dress.  I am really sad that summer is winding down, so I will not get to show it off any time soon.

2) I have not bought an eyelet dress recently, and I needed a color upgrade (my previous eyelet was a white J. Crew dress).  I did however order this dress a size down to motivate some weight loss. I have yet to discover if this is something I’m going to regret.

3) The state of mind print will truly become a holy grail print in a few years.  I really wanted a skirt, because I feel the dresses are too overwhelming on my body type.  The tate is actually a mini skirt, but I am short, so it becomes a modest length on me.

4) MURFEE scarf! I LOVE murfees.  They are light for fall and spring, and yet still look functional for the winter.  I love that it can brighten up a neutral toned outfit.  I really am excited for the Virginia scarf to be release, I may actually pay full price for it!

5) Scalloped shorts came into style this past spring, and I could not wait any longer to get my hands on these badboys.  I was pretty worried about how I would look in them because I have post-gymnast thighs, plus crossfit building muscle under fat, but I picked out the right size, and they turned out great!

Washing Make-up Brushes

I spend so much time worrying about the germs where I work.  Not too long ago, I realized that I should worry about the germs in my own home.  I believe that a whole lot of bacteria can accumulate on make-up brushes.  When that happens, you are just re-applying the bacteria back into your body over and over again.  The last thing you want is pink-eye that you keep giving yourself!

So every Sunday, after applying make-up for the day, I wash my make-up brushes.  I use a brush cleanser from Eyes Lips Face, which is $3 on their website and at some Target stores (save on shipping!).  If you don’t have a cleanser, or just don’t want to get one, a mild face soap will also work.

Laying out all of my brushes–also from ELF, and they ranged from $1-6! Make sure to use a towel while you’re cleaning–I learned the hard way

You’re ready to go!

I have seen directions where you massage the cleanser into the brushes, but I like to pour a little bit into my palm and work the brush into a strong lather and then work the cleanser into the deeper portions of the bristles.

My eyeliner brush needs a little bit more love since they are used in deep, think pigment every day. I pretty much end up with a big goop of gel

Make sure you’re cleaning yourself along the way!

I wipe off the residue with the towel (comes in handy!) so that the next brush gets a fresh blob of cleanser. This is just after one week of use!

After all the lathering is done, I rinse it under HOT water in the sink. I LOVE seeing all the color run down the sink, especially with bronzer and blush brushes.

When you’re all done, lay them flat to dry.  This is important because you don’t want water to drip down to wear the metal touches the wood.  This breaks down the glue and you end up with wobbly brushes. To get their shape back, simply fluffing them gently will get them back into place.

What’s in my Longchamp?

During rotations, I am always on the run and have to carry a lot of things with me.  Since undergrad, I have always trusted in a large Longchamp Le Pilage tote.  While backpacks were more suitable for me during pharmacy school because of my large books and a laptop, rotations is a whole new breed.  I also did not like the idea of being dressed up in professional clothes and wearing a backpack.  It had an awkward image of a missionary on a bike, and that is not me.


1) My white coat–It seems weird, but that is what I have to wear every day!

2) My stethoscope–My boyfriend actually got this for me for my last birthday.  It’s a Littman, which is the Cadillac of stethoscope, and my initials are even on it! I bring it with me because I do NOT share stethoscopes.  I have seen what is in other people’s ears, so I am not putting them in mine.

3) Hand sanitizer and Hand lotion–So many germs around me where I am, hand sani is a must! But it also dries out your hands if you use it too frequently, so I follow up with some hand creme

4) clipboard–I’m asked to look up questions about medications, so to keep them all straight, I carry my clipboard and write them down.  In addition to these questions, its great for taking notes about things I was not aware of, and also for making and keeping a to-do list.

5) Ibuprofen, or some other form of headache/pain medication–  I get really bad headaches some days where I have to get up early and run around a whole lot.  Feeling ill does not really count as an excuse anymore, so keeping up physically and mentally is very important.

6) Gum– I have to talk to patients, doctors, and nurses all day.  I’m always very paranoid of having bad breath, so keeping gum around helps.

7) iPhone–my phone has a lot of important drug references that I can use on the go, and when I am put on the spot to answer drug questions.  It is very important, however, that I use it for just that in a professional environment.  Texting, or using other apps, can land me in some hot water.

8) Planner–I have a lot of important deadline for assignments, combined with my schedule for work.  Being at home, I also have plans to meet up with friends from high school.  My planner just helps me organize my life, as rotations are very chaotic.

9) iPad–Unlike a laptop, an iPad is very lightweight and I am able to use the same drug references, just on a larger and more manageable scale.  I can also use some laptop-lite functions like browsing websites during my lunch break.

10) ID case and wallet–I have to keep my ID on me at all times, and in case I need to run to the cafeteria for a quick snack or a coffee refill, I keep my credit card in there on me as well.  My wallet holds the remainder of my important cards.

11) I need a pen at all times with me.  I really do have a liking to this Lilly pen.  It has a good weight to it to keep balance while I am feverishly writing notes.  Also, I bet no one else has this pen.  So when someone takes it, I’LL KNOW!

This bag can get very heavy so it is very important to protect my back while I carry it.  What random things are in your bag?

Daily dose 8/24

My presentation for this rotation is today. I’ve been working on it for the past four weeks and it has been a long process since my preceptor is a perfectionist. Late nights of PowerPoint changes and practicing have really dogged my week. I did however find some things that got me in a better mood.

1) I had to take down my autographed poster of the hokie bird to transition to my big girl room.

2) what the world’s ugliest shoe would look like if we put together the most ridiculous trends. I am guilty of 2 of these though…

3) I had an amazing nacho lunch from California tortilla. Like. Amazing.

4) re-discovering a text about setting a date for my best friend’s wedding. Love her for already blocking my graduation.

5) People in town are already SUPER excited to have Robert Griffin III to be playing for the skins. Like really excited. Who knows, this may be DC’s year to excel in sports!


Another rotation coming to an end, another presentation I have to give.  I really should be a pro at it now, but I always have such butterflies about it.  These presentations are meant for me to learn, and in turn teach others about the subject.

This particular topic is about Hepatitis C and the new drugs that are available for treatment.  Infectious Diseases was never my cup of tea in school, so this presentation was incredibly difficult for me to put together.  Presenting it will be a whole other challenge, that I am currently working on today.

To cut my nerves, I assessed my audience and put together my outfit.  It will actually be 3 sessions of pharmacy staff, since the pharmacy must still be open and operate as normal


I wanted to look really simple, yet put together so that the focus could be on my material, instead of my outfit.  A modest top and slacks are a dressier version of what I wear day to day (I have this irrational fear of looking like I’m trying too hard).  Because I never wear flats, I did not want to look out of place. I’m going to stick to my go-to nude patent flats that I have been wearing almost every day of my rotation (less the Toms debacle).

Putting together a simple outfit, is a pair of encouraging earrings.  How cute! I really did not want to do bracelets since my presentation may require a lot of hand gestures and pointing, which would result in a lot of clanging.  The top here is also high-neck, so a statement necklace would either be hidden or over-power the look.

Wish me luck!

Galaxy nails

I love all the cool nail polish ideas from pinterest. One that particularly caught my eye was galaxy nails! Being that Men in Black was one of my favorite movies growing up, I had to give it a try.

Clearly I do not discriminate nail polish brands. What you need are a black, jewel tone blue, and a metallic pink. To top it off, a sparse glitter in clear polish.

First, paint 2 coats of black polish, more if needed. When it dries, dab some blue polish on a cotton ball (directions called for a make up sponge but I didn’t have any). Be careful to do this once or twice as lint becomes a problem. When that dries, repeat with the pink polish, at a different angle from the blue. When that layer dries, cover the whole nail with glitter polish. Always remember to finish to top it off with topcoat for a good shine.

Results the second time around were surprisingly great!


My sister said it looked terrible up close, but come on, it’s nail polish!

Golden Girls

I love gymnastics.  I loved gymnastics before it was cool.  Much of my childhood was dedicated to gymnastics, but not to the extent of our Olympic gymnasts.  I was about 8 years old when the Magnificent Seven won gold.  I will never forget my aunt telling me to go to bed during the middle of Dominique Dawes’ floor routine and waking up the next morning to hear the news that they had won, and furthermore, Kerri had sacrificed herself for the gold.  I bring this up every Olympics.  Even in the winter.

I am so happy to see that gymnastics is now considered the “main event” for the Olympics, but my heart still yearns for the amazing talent for the amazing talent that is the Magnificent Seven.  Here are the reasons why I still love the Magnificent Seven more.

Disclaimer: This is not the refute the success of the Fierce Five, but rather to remind us why Magnificent Seven was so great.  To be honest, it is mostly logistical things.  Also, this is just for fun.  My opinion is my own and you are allowed to have yours. 

1a) More is more: This is easy 7>5.  More show, more pizzazz

Amanda Borden, Dominique Dawes, Amy Chow, Jaycie Phelps, Dominique Moceanu, Kerri Strug, Shannon Miller

McKayla Maroney, Jordyn Weiber, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross

1b) These pictures also remind me how awesome the track suits were back then too.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have that gray track suit, its really freakin sweet.  But nothing says AMERICA more than the red white and blue swish pants.

2) The leotards.  I have said it more and more.  These leotards need to be less barbie, and more America.  The Magnificent Seven had white leotards with stars and strips.  Pure and American.  Maybe it was after my time in gymnastics that girls started wearing that stretchy shiny mess with all the rhinestones (thank you Stick It and Make it or Break it, both of which I’m actually obsessed with).  Really though, when was purple a patriotic color?

All American. All the time.

So shiny. So purple.

3) Easy on the makeup yall. The MAG7 girls were much older than the Fierce 5, yet did not wear nearly as much makeup.  There is no doubt that the sport of gymnastics have garnered the respect of athletes everywhere, but it would really help if the glitter and make up wasn’t so distracting.

Natural, if any, make up

4) Shannon Miller’s Scrunchie

Pretty sure the struggle was keeping the scrunchie fluffy amid traveling.

5) No brattiness over a Silver Medal.  You know what I mean…

The face of someone who wins a silver medal at the Olympics

Now, I had started penning this right after the Fierce 5 won their gold. Since then, there have been some changes as to how the 5 are slowly winning me over:

Go Gabby (and a dear Virginia Girl!) for winning the third consecutive (fourth overall) All-around gold for the US!

The only thing that made me sad about her winning is that she didnt know how many US women had come before her in winning the All around gold.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the game changer:


If you know me at all, you know I love a good royal sighting.

Regardless of my comparisons, both teams were amazing.  And most importantly, they were both for the same team, the Good ole U S of A!

Daily Dose 8/17

Being late with my favorite post of the week, definitely signifies that I had a rather tumultuous experience at rotations.

Here is what got me through the week:

1) Celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday at your absolutely favorite (and world famous) Chinese restaurant. The Peking duck is our favorite and their special

2) Found the answer to the age-old question of how many different brands of pressurized air canisters there are at a Micro Center.

3) The joys of Northern Virginia: you must always have a plan for a bomb threat? I’ve been away from home too long.

4) I had a bad day this week. Even my fortune cookie mocked me. But I’m going to take his word for it.

5) This car amused me for several reasons: it’s my favorite color. It’s an SUV. It’s a convertible. Sometimes, putting all of your favorite things together may not be the best idea.

Hope this week will be better for myself and everyone!