Supporting One Another

Something pretty cool that my sister and I did today was donate our gently used bras.  As you know, I am currently in the process of moving, and I have accumulated so many items of clothing that I rarely wear, including bras.

These bras are not so much old, but rather are more gently used.  You all have probably been in my situation where you ended up with bras that did not quite fit so right, so they end up in the back of the drawer.  You had an impulse buy at clearance section at Target, or you got sucked into the vortex that is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale (guilty to both).  Or simply, you have been blessed to outgrow your bras.

Instead of letting them accumulate, I rounded up my old bras both from my apartment and my parents’ house and dropped them off at Soma, a women’s intimate wear boutique.  There are plenty of locations across the US. Currently, they are accepting donations of gently used bras until August 12th.  These bras are going towards supporting victims of domestic violence, a very very meaningful cause that may affect all women and those we love.

If you don’t have a Soma Boutique near you, you can donate by mail.  If that does not fit your fancy, there are plenty of other charities that accept bra donations for the same cause.

As Soma says, our bras have given us a lot of support.  It’s time to support one another!


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